35 things at 35

I was perusing Jennevieve Schlemmer’s blog http://houseinsideout.blogspot.com/ a few months ago.  She (inspired by another in turn) created a 35 by 35 list. My 35th birthday was in June and for my 35th year I have been creating a list of 35 things to accomplish throughout the year. I’ve started the list, some big things some small – but all  goals that I want to accomplish throughout the year.

35 Things When I’m 35

  1. Run in a Race
  2. Participate in a craft fair as a vendor
  3. Set-up a Etsy shop
  4. Have a special day with Maren
  5. Have a special day with Tallulah
  6. Weekend away with hubby
  7. Presents and love notes for Cousins and Family
  8. Photo albums/memory boxes for the girls
  9. Start a blog
  10. Take art class and learn something newPart Deux
  11. Send an unexpected someone unexpected flowers
  12. Organize a field trip for Maren’s class
  13. Buy a pair of fabulous shoes  (and don’t feel guilty)
  14. Mail Christmas card to all
  15. Can summer garden bounty
  16. Have a dinner party with friends
  17. Studio family photo shoot
  18. Get a pedicure
  19. Change to married name for all accounts/documents
  20. Fix Lulu’s birth certificate
  21. Pitch  inventions
  22. Give my time to something that I believe in
  23. Write and illustrate a children’s story
  24. Have a housewarming party
  25. Paint a picture for each of the girls’ rooms
  26. Make gifts for the Helena girls
  27. Pay it Forward
  28. Paint bedroom
  29. Shade Garden
  30. Worm composting
  31. Attend a roller derby
  32. Go to a movie alone
  33. Project runway inspiration jewelry
  34. Finish downstairs bathroom (or help as much as I can)
  35. Laugh until I cry

11 Comments (+add yours?)

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