Favorite color

My 4 1/2 year old always wants to know what my favorite color is (and her response is always pink and purple).   I usually like to keep her on her toes by saying something like well I really like orange, but only if it is somewhere near purple or green.

I ran across this site for creating color combos and was in heaven.



I am headed to Long Beach, California for a conference that I am attending for work – it’s the Western Arts Alliance (WAA) annual meeting/conference – and from the looks of it going to be quite an experience!  About 6 months ago my supervisor was laid off, she oversaw all the performing arts programming for the Theater (250 seats) that the City runs, as well as the BRAVO season (4-5 shows in the Auburn Performing Arts Center, 1100 seats).

So, now I’m learning all about performing arts and will be attending this booking conference.  So from the looks of how this conference works is that you go from room to room, listening to bands, seeing performances, and talking to reps.  I am sorry, but how cool is that!   Plus the mail that I have gotten from performers  is a series of invitations to see X band, at X bar afterhours and many include drink coupons.  No, not the regular museum conferences that i’ve attended in the past.  The festivities are scheduled until 1 in the morning most nights.  It’s going to be so much fun!

I was going through the showcase listings the other day at work and one of my co-workers came around the corner and asked “what are you doing, I am hearing all this toe tapping”.  I was listening/watching this group, so I’ll share it again here: http://www.marchfourthmarchingband.com/

#3 Set up an Etsy Site

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