#14 Mail Christmas card to all


#14 from my 35 things to do when I am 35

Create a painting for my daughters rooms #25

I’ve never been a great painter and never really enjoyed it
all that much either – so in hindsight this “thing” that I said I
want to accomplish kinda surprises me. What I love, look forward to
and do all the time is to create with my kids. We create pretty
much constantly and do all sorts of these collaborative projects.
This project started with a few scrap pieces of wood from my
husbands shop. He said he’d cut a few more for me in the same size
– and 26 squares, a bit of paint, and some pretty impressive
attention span (for a 2 and 4 year old) we created our personalized
alphabet which now graces the walls of their playroom. So I am
calling completion to #25 from my 35 things to do when I am 35 – paint a picture for each of the girls’

#11 Send an unexpected someone unexpected flowers

I have a friend, one that I don’t see very often, but think of her as a dear friend.  We worked together for about 3 years (and I left the job about 2 years ago) we see  each other infrequently and usually briefly when we do find life to intersect.  Life is busy!  When we do  get together I am just reminded of how special she is – and how important friendship is….to have someone to talk to, trust, confide in.  She’s a joy and going through some  life changes.  So wanted to let her know that I am thinking about her and that she’s a very special friend to me.

Not the type of flower that I was thinking about when I wrote the list, but certainly fits the bill.  Purchased through Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/shop/vaivanat?ref=pr_shop) .   This is #11 on the list of 35 things to do when I am 35.

Duck the Malls

Tomorrow is Duck the Malls a craft fair benefiting the Olympia Film Society and I’ll be there as a vendor and will get to then check off my #2 on my 35 Things to do when I’m 35.

I’ve been creating like mad and am really looking forward to it.  My camera is not cooperating lately, so I can’t yet download a whole bunch of designs that I’m really excited about.   I did manage to get a couple of photos of the display boxes that I’ll set up.

My wonderful husband made me two boxes with rods that hold all of my earrings.

I have my father’s old suitcase that he used when he left home to go to college.  It’s been just collecting dust and smelling increasingly bad.  So just fit a piece of plexi across the top (and have tap lights to illuminate from underneath to display my necklaces.  And also added a metal rod – so when it’s open can hang many more items.   Best part – i can store everything inside and just close it up.