Gift of Art

It is so wonderful to see how happy an artwork created from the heart can mean to another person.  My 5 year old stayed home sick from school the other day and sat down and drew this wonderful picture of her Grandma in her garden, with “boo-boo” birds above, and a cherry tree with a bird house that only had room for one of the birds.   It’s lovely – in both how she created a complete vision and story but also the sentiment of love that inspired her to draw it.

I took a picture and sent it to her Grandma as I knew she would be absolutely tickled.  She instantly wrote back with lots of xoxoxox’s (which my daughter could read in the thank you email) but also said that it is her new wallpaper for her computer.  A few days later, another note, again with thanks simply saying how happy it makes her when she see’s this picture on her computer.

xoxoxo’s for grandma!

artwork by maren

Grandma in her garden


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