11:11 Wish

When I was on my 6 month maternity leave with my first daughter, feeling completely cooped and isolated up in the depths of Seattle rainy winter, I became acutely aware of the time at two points in the day 11:11am and 11:11pm. I thought I was going a little crazy, because every day – seriously – I saw the clock at this time in the late morning and night. I was more than a little weirded out by it, and when Nov 11th rolled around I was holding my breath waiting for *something* to happen.
Well nothing earthshaking occured, except sometime after 11/11 I saw a painting. I was standing waiting for the elevator at my work, looked over at the label and noticed it said “11:11 Wish”. I commented aloud something to the tune of, “well that’s weird”. My friend then commented, yeah like when you see a clock that says 11:11 you are supposed to make a wish, isn’t it weird how you always notice it? The sigh of relief was audible and all of a sudden all those months of weirded out anticipation could be turned into wishes! How great is that!
The 11:11 Wish painting was by Larry Bemm. I was familiar with Bemm’s artwork mainly through another piece that he had in the collection. (I should explain at this point that I worked in an art museum.) The artwork that I knew about was a large scale work – probably 5′ x 5′ with a creamy white textured background with a jumble of 3″ diameter circles that were in a variety of pastel colors. The circles or balls were lined up on a scratchy horizontal line on the left side, and on the right appearing to fall from the horizontal line falling and bouncing out of the painting frame. The title of the artwork, which I cannot remember, was an obscure word meaning the study of happiness. A painting of happiness!

So all those wishes, all the wishes turned into happiness.