#24 Pre-job weight

I started the job I currently have just about 3 years ago. I began right out of maternity leave when my youngest was 3 months old. I had lost all the pregnancy weight and was pretty healthy.

Since that time I managed to pack on a few (30) extra pounds. I don’t know what happened or if it was a combination of things…but about 3 months ago it just became very apparent that this was not okay for me and needed to take my body back under control.

So thinking about what happened…The city where I work has extremely limited eating choices. You can have fast food, go to the grocery store, or pho. In the past year was my most significant gain which had been filled with my supervisor being laid off and taking on her job as well as my own and then the two people I work with on Maternity leave at the same time and all those additional responsibilities. So…busy, basically.

Change needed to be made.

Somewhat starting with my running in the Sound to Narrows Race as well as a pedometer challenge that we had at work… I just started paying attention. I read a whole slew of books about health/diet/nutrition and have cut much of the carbohydrates out of my diet – not hard core Atkins, but rather just avoiding bread and pasta and empty sugars.

I’ve lost a ton of weight and feel fantastic. I went to a naturopath the other day and got on a cleanse program (#8) to help re-set the baseline and support my efforts. I’ve been continuing to run 2-3 times per week and do yoga now a couple times a week in morning. I feel like I’ve been enjoying food more than ever and making fresh good things – and bringing it to work every day as well.

So I have completely accomplished #24 on my 36 things to do when I am 36, but the new challenge for me is to maintain these lifestyle habits through the winter when it gets cold, rainy, dark and depressing. So, they say it takes 6 weeks to cement new habits – I’m giving it the whole summer for it to last a lifetime.